Monday, February 13, 2012

soap foam- a wonderful creation!

Ok, I don't mind when kids get messy. I like going outside and seeing them get mud in their hair, sand in their toes, and worms in their hands. It's inevitable that kids get dirty.

Buuuut, when it's indoors and I have to clean up the mess, I'm a little neurotic about it. We did the cloud dough a month back, (flour and baby oil, I didn't post it) and it was a blast. Nevaeh, though, didn't understand that when she shook her hands to rid herself of the 'dirty-ness' (her word) the cloud dough went EVERYWHERE. Behind the couch, under the rug, and in peanuts kennel.

Today I found a WONDERFUL indoor activity. Can I say it's wonderful again? Yeah? ok, it's WONDERFUL!

Soap Foam. Seen on Pinterest, I had to try it.

Take equal parts dish soap and water,
 put into a blender or food processor and 
 blend until thick and foamy! 

You can experiment with the amounts,
I believe that is what I put in. 

 This is WONDERFUL (ok, I'm done) because it's SOAP! If it gets anywhere, everywhere, you just wipe it off and that spot is clean. 

 I. Love. It. very much! 

Nevaeh played with it for an hour. She would have kept going if it she didn't start shivering (she was nakie). Then we hopped into the bath tub and had fun washing her off with bubbles in there. 

We also added paint to make it pink. 

I also have to share this with you! I'm so proud of this. Nevaeh hasn't been into writing. She still isn't really.

A while back, we bought a writing activity work book at Sam's. It just has fun pages that you trace lines and it goes onto tracing shapes, then curves and even letters and numbers. We have been randomly doing these sheets for a while and she has never really gotten the point of staying on the line. She really likes making circles.

But I tried this, this morning and she did it the first time! I just made me own template for straight and diagonal lines. She didn't need any help!

Some yummy Talipia recipes coming soon!!! 
Have a wonderful Monday.

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