Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ms. Daredevil

Whew... the last two weeks have been pretty long. It's been trying but we're getting through in mini strides and God is definitely teaching me something about being a mom... patients galore... and I don't have any.

Nevaeh's nap sleep was messed up when the schedule changed from summer to school and when she teethed. Now she isn't falling asleep for nap time on her own. So it's been a long two weeks trying to get her back into a routine and get rejuvenated with sleep. Whew....

She's also becoming quite the daredevil. Sunday she had herself pulled up on her "jail cell", turned toward the chair (2 feet away), completely let go and went for it. It was great, though she fell flat on her face, but a great attempt none the less. She hasn't done that again but she has been letting go and standing on her own for about 2 seconds. She's going to be walking in no time and I'm still adjusting to her crawling! 

Her personality is growing everyday and it is so neat to see her learn. We are just starting redirection which can be described as training but that sounds to much like a dog. She is learning what a phrase means, such as "Nevaeh, we do not play with that" and she listens! She's such a smart girl. We are also teaching her sign language and are super excited to see her first sign. 

Jason makes her smile by singing songs with his own words. He's very talented and I keep telling him we should record them for her! It's not an easy thing to do and he's amazingly good at it!

All in all, things are always going with her and everyday has challenges, but we're growing as a family and learning to go with the flow. God has blessed us!

Grandma Val got a new toy! Ride 'em cow girl!

She loves to sit on her lion walker thingy.

playtime with hudson

we tried shoes on for the first time. she's so cute!

Go Hoover!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing so much...


There has already been a couple of changes in the last couple of days. It's crazy!

First, she is now officially, 100 % crawling. She hasn't realized she can go everywhere yet so i'm still preparing myself.

Second, she is now standing! Not on her own of course, but she pulled herself up ,in her "jail cell" for the first time a couple days ago. Jason and I were eating supper, we looked over to find our daughter standing up smiling at us. It was quite funny!

Third, she has teeth!! Her bottom two teeth came in and it was such a surprise! She didn't really have any signs like drooling, wanting to bite, or acting cranky. She has had a hard time taking naps and sleeping, but other than that, no showing that she was teething. She took my finger to bite it and I felt them. I was excited! She is growing up so fast!

She has, also, grown so much in her personality. It's crazy how a little person can grow. I don't understand how people can watch a human being grow from an egg in their mothers womb to a live, adult human being and not believe in an everlasting, wonderful Creator!

Praise the Lord!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hey Fam!

Hello and welcome to all!

I want to explain the blog's name first... since Karaidos is just Karaidos plural, people started saying Karaidi (which I think would be correct). It's just more fun to say!

Second, I wanted to create this to keep all I don't see, as much as I would like, a little closer. Also, I have always wanted one of these!

So, today Nevaeh Grace is 7 months and probably over 18 pounds. She is crawling but doesn't do it all that much, as she gets around much faster by army crawling. She is the most observant, adventurous little girl I've ever met. Anything new she wants to touch and explore. I think she'll be the one to bring me toads and bugs with a huge smile on her face. She loves grass and concrete, trying to pick at the blades and rocks.

We are transitioning back into the school year right now. It's difficult for Nevaeh, seeing daddy most of the day, to not seeing him much because of coaching, but her face just lights up all the more when he comes home!

Well, have a wonderful weekend and a great September!
God Bless,