Thursday, February 16, 2012

more fun!

I wanted to share some more fun activities. I promise my recipes will come sooner than later (because I know you are dying to know some! :)  ) 

If you all haven't heard of busy bags, stop reading and google it. Ok, well maybe wait until you're done reading... ;) Busy bags are another great invention, and my life group had a busy bag swap. 
This is one of them. 

Dye the pasta using rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Then tie one of the string with a round washer and the other with a short pipe cleaner. That way, when they are done wearing it, it makes it easier to untie and reuse! 

Nevaeh played over an hour with them. 

 The other is a homemade i-spy jar. Easy enough, just add little things and then rice. Gray has even enjoyed looking and playing with this. Tip: coins don't work to well. Those are the only things we can not find! 

 What I did was take pictures of the items on my phone so I would have them when we go places. She knows how to swipe between pictures so it makes a great restaurant toy, or basketball game toy. 

I really hope to get those fish recipes up soon, but I keep finding some great activities to do with my kids. 

Another fun crazy-energy reducer we do is our balloon game! Just blow up a balloon and don't let it hit the floor. Soooo easy, but the kids looooooove it!

Have a good friday!

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