Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Firsts, Four months, Family photos, and Funness!!

So, we have a very large post this time! We have been a busy family, so I have separated this into four different parts, one blog though.



This is our first pool play of the year! :) We were so excited to whip out the pretty tutu swimming suit and sun screen and jump in the water. Sadly, our pool is entirely too boring so it wasn't too eventful. But thankfully Grandma Val has a special pool.. coming soon! 

 Grayson's first zoo visit!!!!!!!! He is a very alert little man and he did such a good job. Unfortunately, this was the only picture I got, because it started to rain. 

 ... and for my favorite first of this blog.... FIRST FOODS! Yay! Grayson got to go straight to actual food and not that cardboard tasting cereal because he had such problems with regular formula. When babies have a lot problems with formula, they tend to have the same with the baby food. So we had some yummy homemade baby food carrots! 

Getting exciting, he knows its coming!

 He did absolutely wonderful! No spitting it out and was actually trying to chew it. He seemed to like it enough to eat it.

His first after his first meal picture! 

Ok, those who are wanting, or do make their own baby food.... I recommend this food processor. It made the baby food just as purred (sp?) as the store bough stuff. I LOVE THIS! I have tried 4 different ones before the Ninja and they made it grainy and not smooth. 


He has found it true voice! Once he started, it has not stopped!


Four months!!! 

Today was his four month check up. Wow, I can't believe it. Why/How does time go so fast? He's a healthy little man, except his acid reflux, we are having to keep an eye on it because it might actually be acid reflux disease. Which is a more permanent thing. In other words, he may not be growing out of it! :(

His stats are:
weight, 14.8 lbs----%50
height, 24 inches----%25, we have a shorty
head, ------------------%75, with a big head.

Some things about him.
-He loves to be read too. He could sit for a long time looking at the pictures and trying to grab the book.
-He's a talker. On sunday he found his voice and now he will not stop talking. I don't care though, because its so garsh darn cute! 
-He walks. Well, not exactly. Do you know when a baby starts to walk, but still needs the hand to be held.... yep that's where he's at. Really. I mean it. 
-He drools ALOT! just like Nevaeh.


Family photos....

Carrie has done our pictures for the fourth time, and again, we are thrilled with the results. If you would like to see her work click on her name. And if you want to see all the photos click here ---> karaidos!! Also if you want to order them, download them to your computer (there is a download button right about the picture) and order wherever you like! 

I love my family! I adore my kids! I admire my husband!!


Now here is just the fun in our lives over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Sorry about the picture quality, but this is how she was sleeping one night.

 Garage sale things! I love garage saling, and I found a good haul one day. This spider man chair is perfect for him!

 Her new bike! 

 Showing off that smile and those back muscles! 

 some fun crib time..

 On our way to daddy's first softball game and we had to bundle up... craziness I tell you!

 This was weird.. we had a bee hive starting in between our windows. Jason thought of putting it on a live feed and see if people will watch the bee hive grow.... I said no...

 Cubs fan!!!!

 Mothers day picture.... crazy family... I'm about to drop the kids while nevaeh is singing and grayson is staring at her with Jason trying to figure out the flash.

 We have done a lot of yard work.... this use to be a jungle of odd trees and flowers and rocks and tons of other stuff... now its the Karaidos park. 

 She loves to dig and gets dirty, dirty, dirty! But I always say, dirty gets clean!!! :)

 Snuggling up before bed.

 Now that Jason is in an elementary school teaching, they have book fairs and if you volunteer (jason) you get $15 worth of books. Plus, this last one was buy one, bet one! So we have a lot of new books this year and she loves it! We brought 6 new books home last wednesday and she hopped on the couch and looked at them all! 

Well, whew.... we were busy, but it was soooo much fun to have this much family time! I loved it!!!!! God has definitely blessed this woman! thanks everyone.