Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb 4, 2009

Feb. 4 2009 I started this amazing adventure with Nevaeh. At 1:58 on a Wednesday, Nevaeh Grace was born, weighing 7lbs1oz.

On Feb 4 my sweet, precious and crazy girl sat in my arms and, like every new mom, I was scared. I wasn't ready to be a mom, but God definitely knew what he was doing. Giving me Nevaeh first has been such a blessing, and she was such an easy baby. Now, I can't believe I was ever scared and not wanting to be a mom.

Nevaeh is my daughter, my friend... my shadow. I'm tearing up just thinking about these last 3 years. It has gone by so fast. And I am so glad I took so many pictures. I love how I can look back on every moment, because they are already gone!

So here is a timeline of photos...
1-2 months

 Easter 2009: 2 1/2 months

 4 months

 4 months


 1 year!

 18 months

 18-20 months

 2 years!

 And then I jumped a whole year: today on her birthday!
Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl! 
On pinterest, I saw to add a bunch of balloons to the childs room before they woke. She loved it! So did Gray! It was a blast.

 Her princess' new dress. 

 I will embarrass myself right now for the sake of neveah. I know when she gets older, there will be at least once that I will embarrass her. Us in our pj's looking just great **sarcastic** eating cupcakes for breakfast, yum! 

Nevaeh and daddy playing a new game!

Nevaeh is so smart. I'm sure every mom says the same thing about their kids, and I am no exception. She knows 1+1 ( I haven't taught her that) and can do a 50 piece puzzle, never seen before, in 10 minutes. She knows dinosaur names, and that a killer whale is actually an Orca. She can say many words in spanish, and now can count to three in french as well.

She is such a caring, sweet girl. Just last night, at the b-ball game, I was taking her to the bathroom and the whole way she sang to me, "I love my mommy."

Her favorite bible stories are still Noah's Ark, Jonah and the whale, and baby moses/baby Jesus.

She has started to love princesses, even though she hasn't seen but one princess movie.

She has memorized many verses:
Gen 1:1
Col 3:20
Phil 2:14
1 John 4:19
Matt. 22:37
Luke 12:34
here is video of her reaction to the balloons.

Nevaeh Grace Karaidos, you makes my days crazy, but fun. I love you and pray that you grow up to have a heart and love for God. He is real, my precious daughter, and loves you more than you can imagine. He made you in His image and He thinks you are beyond beautiful, valuable in every way and special beyond comprehension. Daddy and I pray for you everyday. We love you. 

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