Thursday, May 16, 2013

Whoa!!! 5 years, CRAZY!!!!

5 YEARS!  Can you believe it?!?!?


It has been 5 years, tomorrow (May 17), since I walked down the aisle trying to stifle my tears and snotty nose to the man God blessed me with.

Yes, that is one of the moments I do remember of that day. I started to cry when I watched my dear sisters and brothers (bridesmaids and groomsmen) walk down the aisle. When it was my turn, my nose had clearly started to run. I tried everything I could to not WIPE snot off my face while a million eyes watched me.

But then I looked up at Jason and the beautiful day and scene God had blessed us with and I didn't care.

5 years and 3 kiddos later (yes, the baby in my stomach is and will always be my child even if God wants him/her with him before their time on earth) I am more in love with my husband than ever. He is one sexy man!  :)  Hey, I'm not afraid to say it!

Oh, don't worry, we have totally had our rough patches, we ARE NOT perfect... but we have grown through them. We have grown in our individual faiths, our one faith, and closer together.

Looking back on 5 years Jason and I have never actually had a fight. We argue, but both of us want to respect the other, so we stop even before our voices rise or harsh tones start. Then, we both apologize, almost at the exact moment, we look each other in the eye and apologize. We also forgive each other.

Also, one thing I truly appreciate about Jason is his joking attitude with me. He jokes with me and I joke back. We poke fun at each other and laugh. Just ask some of our friends, we joke a lot! But I think that's what keeps our marriage fun and I really pray when we are in our 90's we are still poking fun and joking with each other. Can you imagine that?!? I can, and I smile and laugh at us.

I am, also, so very thankful for his PATIENCE with me. I'm not so easy to live with... I can barely live with myself. God gave Jason so much patience, and I thank God every day for that.

Thank you Jason for everything and the last 5 years. I love you so very much. I appreciate your hard working character... you truly work hard as unto the Lord and not men. But your joking attitude really keeps my heart light... even though sometimes I do not appreciate it in the moment. You make me smile even in my worst moments. Thank you! 

I can not wait to see where God takes us together and I'm excited about our future. I can't wait to encourage you through your coaching moments and follow you to where you want to go next in life. 5 years isn't so long in the scheme of a lifetime... but a lifetime with you will only seem like 5 years!!  (you like that don't you? It's like a line in a movie...)