Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lovely Christmas and the last year.

So much has happened in the last year. From Nevaeh turning one, to my grandma passing away. It is amazing how much can happen in a year, and it solidifies just how much we need our unchanging God! We need that confidence that He will always be... be loving, merciful, full of grace, just and my favorite, our Abba. Our daddy who will keep us close. Plus so much more. 

This year, Nevaeh has grown into the beautiful toddler who is so happy all the time. She is kind and friendly and very smart. Jason has grown in his walk with God and we all have grown closer as a family. I can see all these things happening and am so joyful that God has given my a chance to live a life for Him like this. There are tough times, but in the end, we are living for God together and that is what I care about. 

Now onto Christmas! Christ's birth is the turning point that changed lives and should still be changing lives! Every year we get to celebrate this and we want to instill this in Nevaeh, that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday. 

We had an amazing Christmas with family and a special cousin, Punky (that is her nick name, Shantell is her name)! There are a lot of pictures so here we go.....

Christmas Eve with Punky. 

Nevaeh loved giving out the presents just as much as opening them. The funny thing is, if Jason and I didn't get a present quick enough she would say, "mommy, daddy, need present too!" Its so good to know that she loves us!

Here she is opening a present!

She got a piggy bank from great grandma and everyone gave her some coins to put into it! From grandma to uncle Randy. 

Every year, we all put on santa hats and take family pictures. EVERY YEAR, since I was little. 

Here is our first sledding adventure. This is her making a snow angel. 

Me trying out the sled. It was very difficult to stay on with my 9 month pregnant belly, but I made it happen. 

For a long while, she just ate a snow ball.

Jason's turn and He tried to do it standing up. As you can see, it didn't really work. 

Daddy and Nevaeh on the sled!

Mommy and Nevaeh!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! our first potty on the potty! And since then, she has gone potty several other times. Many times she asks to go potty and rushes to it but I think she goes while rushing to it because nothing comes out. She had to concentrate very hard, it was so cute!

Lately she has been such a cuddler! Daddy was reading and she wanted to lay down on his lap. 

Reading with mommy.

We try and go to daddy's basketball games once a week so here we are. 

Kassie, nevaeh and Punky! 

Playing play-dough with daddy. Making worms.

Haven't had a sleep picture in a while, so here you go. 

Well, that has been our last couple of weeks and the next time I post there will be a new addition to our family with a lot pictures I bet! Happy New year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter fun!!!!

It is one week and one day before Christmas and my excitement keep growing everyday.

One, I can't wait to see Nevaeh give my grandma and grandpa gifts and her g-ma and g-pa gifts (that she helped wrap), but also to see her open presents. I think every parent get excited to see their kids open the gifts. But also to start traditions that make celebrating Christ's birth a wondrous event.

and Two, everyday is closer to having our baby boy Karaidos here. I have been having a lot of contractions and random pains so I'm hoping I will have him in December!

and Three, my cousin, but you could call her my sister, is coming up from Florida and she has never seen Nevaeh! Yay Punky!!!!!!!!!

Well, we have had almost 2 weeks of not being able to play outside and I have run through all the indoor activities to take up time and wear Nevaeh down. I have been getting more and more tired and groggy so going out has been difficult, but we are getting through and Nevaeh loves the snow so that helps.

Jason and I probably laugh with/at Nevaeh a couple times a day, she is such a hoot. The new things she picks up on is so funny. For instants, when we give her a choice between a couple things, she will put her finger on her chin and go, "hmmm," before she answers. So funny. She is able to read through a book, well ok, not read the words, but she can look at the pictures and tell us what's going on through out the book.

Every morning I usually pray for Jason and baby Karaidos and our day with Nevaeh while we are eating breakfast and she has started wanting to pray for daddy and baby. It's kinda a mumble with a little daddy and baby thrown in there, then she pretty much sings, "AAAAAmeeeen"... its so cute.

Here are some pictures of our activities... Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!! Praise the Lord

We went to mall and road the train in the morning when no one was there and the lady let her ride for 15 minutes or so and Nevaeh loved it!!! 

We did painting with a paint brush and she did wonderful! She was so excited to hold the paint brush. 

He she is saying cheese in front of her art work.

And here she is saying smile for the camera outside. We were outside for 20 minutes and she could probably stay outside for an hour before getting tired of the snow. 

Here is a random picture that I love. I don't know why, its not the best but I do. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas fun!

Christmas is almost a month away and we put up our decorations last week. I love it! I can't wait to be like my mom and have tons of Christmas arts around the house accumulated from past years!

Nevaeh helped us with the Christmas tree by handing me the ornaments and we only had one casualty! One glass bulb broke and so far she has been a wonder with not touching the trees.

Oh goodness... right now, as I'm typing this, baby boy Karaidos must be doing a kick boxing class in there! wowzers!

Here are some pictures with some winter and Christmas things.

God Bless!

Here she is in front of our trees with her hat! 

She loves this polar bear music toy thing. Thanks grandma val!

We painted our own homemade Christmas wrapping paper and she had so much fun! 

Here are our trees with homemade wrapping paper wrapped gifts.

She got some mittens and wouldn't take them off for a long while. She even had to have them on going to bed for a week or so.

You can't see it, but she had to have daddy's belt on for a while, even at church. and this was supposed to be a picture of that but it turned out to be such a good picture of her!

Nevaeh is growing up so fast! She has had a runny nose and wouldn't let me spray it with saline drops this morning and i said, "we need to so you can breath." and she responded with ,"but I don't like breathing." lol, i laughed. Kids say the darndest things...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy start of the holidays!

Bonjour!  Ca va? (how are you?)

We are all finally feeling better and hopefully I can say that for a long while! 2 weeks ago, Nevaeh got the flu (poor thing was so scared, didn't know what was going on) and then last week Jason and I got it at the exact same time. Talk about poor timing, because we couldn't move let a lone take care of our daughter! But now, praise the Lord! and prayerfully, we are all done with that yucky stuff for the season.

So after all that, Halloween did come and I don't particularly like Halloween but it was somewhat fun this year. We took Nevaeh to Merle Hay mall, and it was fun to see a safe environment for kids to have fun with this holiday. Jason and I haven't decided if we are going to take her out trick or treating or not later on, but for now, I like the mall. We bought her skeleton pajamas (boring, I know, but people got it) and she kept calling herself a monkey. I don't know why, but we asked if she was a skeleton and she would say, "No, I'm a monkey." So, ok, she thought she was monkey, whatever floats her boat.

On that note, Nevaeh is an amazing talker! We can actually hold a conversation with her and she will answer us and talk to us with words, not sounds. Its a lot of fun, and I'm in awe of her everyday.

I feel good and baby boy Karaidos is getting bigger and more wiggly. He likes to be curled up in a ball and in one spot. Usually, its in the most uncomfortable spot for me; either on my bladder or somewhere near my spine that my back kills until he moves.

Ok, enough talking and I'll get to the pictures. Oh, one more thing, I love the holidays and I'm so excited for them and to celebrate Jesus' birth this year! So HAPPY START TO THE HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Pumpkin carving!! You know Nevaeh is my daughter when she goes right into the pumpkin to grab the guts! She had a blast and was so excited to see it happening. She kept saying, "I excited mommy!" Although when Jason start to cut it she said, "oh no, the pumpkin owey (sp?)" that is the first picture.

Family shot with pumpkin

Mr. Toad Pumpkin, i think it looks like a frog


 Her first experience with reeses peanut butter cups! 

I didn't mention this up there, but this is her FIRST HAIRCUT!! She did wonderful!