Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prayer can, doors, snow and check ups! busy, busy!

Every morning, during breakfast, Nevaeh, Gray and I pray for daddy and his day. Then we pray for our day. We never really prayed for others, which is something very important. So when I saw a prayer jar on pinterest, I thought that was a good idea to start doing. 

We don't have jars randomly around the house, but we have plenty of cans. I wrote as many of our family members as I could think of on pop-cycle sticks and then her friends, and their families, from church. 

So now every morning, we pray for daddy, our day and 2 others. It has been a good reminder to me as well to pray for others. 
She wanted green and dinosaurs. So ok, we did green and dinosaurs. 

 How can you not smile at this little miss?

Another thing we have started is labeling things in our house. This week was Door. Nevaeh helped me sound out the word to write on the card. Now when we open the door, I ask her to "read" the sign and sometimes spell the word. 

This can become a sight word and she will be able to read it. I have been trying it with "stop" on stop signs as well. 

When she first started spelling it, she said, "D- O's-R". So funny! She knew to say it plurally. She makes me smile. :)

 And then this is our first real snow fall! And Gray's first snow play! He loved it.

We also went to the doc this morning. He said we have some peanuts for kids. Nevaeh is 10th percentile in weight and 25th in height. Gray is 25th in both, but his head is 97th!!!! No wonder Nevaeh's pants never stay up and Gray's shirts won't go over his head. 

On Saturday is Nevaeh's birthday and Jason and I have some fun things up our sleeves! 

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