Friday, June 11, 2010

a SPECIAL blog


It has been a while, almost a month since I have been able to post for you! And I've been itching to share with you all the wonderful things going on in our lives right now! 

I was debating where in this post to spill the beans but I figured more people just look at the pictures than anything else... so right here feels fine! 

Nevaeh is going to be a big sister!!!

We are so excited, I was/still am a little nervous because I very much enjoy just us three but I'm sooo excited to give Nevaeh a sibling because she is going to be a wonderful big sister! She "feeds" her babies (dolls), she comforts nathan when he gets hurt or in trouble and she is a very good daughter! When I pointed to my belly and said, there is a baby in mommy's belly, she quickly scooped up her doll and stuck it under my shirt. I laughed so hard!

We are having troubles with fits and attitude when she gets mad, but we're working diligently on it and praying that God would give us grace and react with love and not in emotional anger. 

This is also a special post because we have moved into our new house! Its been a long two weeks and still are waiting for our cabinets so we are not fully unpacked yet but mostly. I have enjoyed very much making this house our home and am getting use to having 3 levels now instead of one simple one. There are pictures of before and afters. 

I hope you enjoy! God Bless..

I had to share this. I introduce you to my grandma and grandpa who holds hands everywhere they go and it is soooo cute!!! I hope Jason and I are that cute

Nevaeh reading... the first night in our home.

Helping mommy... though its more work for me in the end, she loves it! I need to get her the small cleaning supplies! 

At the pool with Kristen and grandma! She absolutely loves and enjoys the water! 

with grandpa at Kassie's graduation

Watching daddy getting ready to mow! 

This was the really hot day and we went and bought a new play pool! 

Now we don't encourage stuffing the mouth but she just kept smiling with banana in her mouth and Jason caught it on camera.

We read every night before bed and she helps me. She knows which is the bears and bunnies and squirrels and she says goodnight to the animals. 

We're learning to use our utensils and this was a particularly good night.

Nevaeh's room.... there is still more to add to the walls the flower mural i'm painting is not done yet. 

Jason and I's room. Normally I wouldn't share our bedroom, but it was such a transformation.. the before pictures are below. I will be adding the bathroom and kitchen when they are done.

nevaeh's room before

our room before