Sunday, April 24, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words..

 .. so we have 24 thousand words here! Buckle and here we go.....

Grayson's 3 month photo, he wasn't a happy camper for these.

He is lovin' his bouncer now! Its his favorite place to play.

 Officially a Cubs fan!

 Look at my chunker-munk! How adorable

 He is already chewing, literally chewing! And he stares at us eating when he's sitting on my lap. I think he wants real food already!

 I love this picture!!!!!!!!!!! He is my handsome little man. 

Now onto photos of Nevaeh... she loves sculpting! She will make birds, snakes, letters, fish and tons of other things.

 This is what we catch her doing, she is reading in her crib. 

 She also loves to dig. Nevaeh will sit for 30 minutes and just dig. She will get dirt everywhere, but the second she gets a little water on her she will flip out saying, "I'm dirty! I'm dirty".

"Resurrection rolls"- You put marsh-mellows in a crescent rolls representing putting Jesus in his tomb. When you cook it the marsh-mellows disappear and Jesus is gone! Nevaeh kinda understood everything, she would say, "Jesus in tomb." and "uh-oh, Jesus gone."She is definitely one of the smartest 2 year-olds I know!

We had our own little easter egg hunt.

 Showing me her easter basket full of eggs!

 Opening them up.

 My wonderful family!

 Random pics of funness!

I hope you enjoyed ALL these pictures. Happy Easter! God bless.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesus has Risen!!

Happy Easter everyone!

No pictures for this post, but a much better message!


This year Easter has just snuck up on me. I was trying to think of different things to do with Nevaeh for Easter to help her understand, and before I knew it, its Good Friday. Crazy!

Jesus took the burden of our sins and put them to death on a cross along with himself. Jesus died for us, FOR YOU. He shed his blood so that you we could live with him forever.

We always think of that part, and though it is very important, we celebrate Easter because JESUS FAUGHT DEATH AND WON! He rose and was alive again, and with out this part, he is just another person they crucified on a cross thousands of years ago. There would be no significance to him. But he wasn't just another person, he was God and he went through the pain and suffering because he knew the end result. That is a gift, and its free! Have you accepted that gift?

Today we made resurrection rolls and we had fun! I will explain that with the next post, which will have TONS of photos... coming next week!

God Bless and celebrate!!!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

You know you're a parent when...

I have had a lot of moments this last week where I thought, 'only a parent..'.

You know you're a parent when you....

~~say, "Look a school bus (and point)" and then realize there is no one else in the car.
~~start to sway back and forth... and there's no baby in your arms. (this has been realized many times! and people have caught me on this :)  )
~~sing to yourself, "Jesus loves me this i know..."
~~start dancing, or at least bobbing your head, to any music
~~realize you cut your sandwiches in triangles
~~get a sippy cup for yourself
~~And the most recent, You look in your back yard and think the yard looks more complete with a swing set

If you have your own you want to share, please do!!

And now the pictures!

The "new" bed. This is how we found her sleeping one of the first times sleeping in it. 

"Whoa, mom, enough pictures!" I had just taken 20 pics of him, literally.

We are still working on the smile! But Nevaeh seems to have her own little goofball-cheesy smile. Which is perfectly fine. We will have a good laugh when she gets older. 

Mommy and son.

Mommy and kids! Nevaeh was concentrating on the screen where she could see us.

And this is the new swing set that completes our yard! Well, its not really new, but it is to us! Thanks to the Greens we have a wonderful swing set, and for free!!!!!!

She's flying!

Going up the slide...

... down the slide!

These are chocolate chip cookies with a hint of peanut butter. Just sub in one egg for a 1/4 cup of peanut butter and you have choco chip cookies with a hint of peanut butter! I was experimenting because I don't like peanut butter cookies and jason wanted some. So i compromised! they are wonderful!