Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas fun!

Christmas is almost a month away and we put up our decorations last week. I love it! I can't wait to be like my mom and have tons of Christmas arts around the house accumulated from past years!

Nevaeh helped us with the Christmas tree by handing me the ornaments and we only had one casualty! One glass bulb broke and so far she has been a wonder with not touching the trees.

Oh goodness... right now, as I'm typing this, baby boy Karaidos must be doing a kick boxing class in there! wowzers!

Here are some pictures with some winter and Christmas things.

God Bless!

Here she is in front of our trees with her hat! 

She loves this polar bear music toy thing. Thanks grandma val!

We painted our own homemade Christmas wrapping paper and she had so much fun! 

Here are our trees with homemade wrapping paper wrapped gifts.

She got some mittens and wouldn't take them off for a long while. She even had to have them on going to bed for a week or so.

You can't see it, but she had to have daddy's belt on for a while, even at church. and this was supposed to be a picture of that but it turned out to be such a good picture of her!

Nevaeh is growing up so fast! She has had a runny nose and wouldn't let me spray it with saline drops this morning and i said, "we need to so you can breath." and she responded with ,"but I don't like breathing." lol, i laughed. Kids say the darndest things...