Sunday, July 25, 2010

summer festivities!

Well hello!

A lot of little fun stuff has been going on the last month. Nothing huge, but little randomnesses that make life different and fun!

There are no new pictures of the kitchen because the company that we ordered the cabinets through said it will be 2 MORE WEEKS before we get our sink cabinet. That means no sink or counter tops for another at least 3 weeks to a month. I am growing very weary because of this and I'm trying to keep my patience with it! It's very hard!

Nevaeh is talking and says about any word that we say. It may not sound exactly right but its definitely the word. She is also putting words together like "bye, baby" so talking is just around the corner! I am excited because she jibbers ALL the time and I want to know what she is saying! She loves taking care of her dolls and dressing up and playing outside at the pool.

We are at the wading pool one night. I can't believe I just now discovered going to a wading pool because its so much fun! She absolutely loves going because she can walk around and do her own thing in the water. 

It took her no time to run up to the fountains. She still won't run through it, but she gets close.

Daddy and nevaeh

Cool girl! These are her first pair of sunglasses and, yes, they are now broken. But she had a good use of them before it happened.

We had so many boxes because of the new cabinets, we cut a window and played house!

Again, cool girl! She saw daddy wearing his bandana ( i think, i don't remember) and she wanted to!

Playing outside in our fun backyard! We play outside in our back yard quite a bit! With our new fence and new fun toys (thank you to grandma val!) we enjoy the yard so very much!

Mommy and nevaeh. sorry its blurry!

Grandpa Brown reading to nevaeh on of her favorite books, Find Piglet.

Under a fort!

The zoo! We went to the zoo and she loved the animals. She kept saying animals, animals. Her favorite, I think, were the birds. She didn't like to sit to long and watch the same animal but she did like seeing all the different scenes.

feeding the goats, she is such a dare devil and wasn't scared at all!

the lions!

watching the monkeys! a monkey came right up in front of us and swung around and around right there. nevaeh loved it! she got so excited!

the end! we are going to the fair to show her all the animals and I can't wait! also we got a new a van but forgot to put pictures up so next time! Thank you for taking the time to look and read! God Bless