Friday, January 25, 2013

I can't wait any longer....

I am having a hard time waiting to share this... I am just so excited!!!!

What do you think it is? No, not a new recipe, kid project or mama project. It's actually the reason I have taken a month hiatus from the blog and the other reason why I have been pretty under the weather this week.

Yes, I think you've guessed it. But here is some more proof for you just in case!

Nevaeh decided to draw our family as snow men the day after our 8 WEEK ULTRA SOUND!!!!
She is so excited to have another sibling, and Gray keeps huggings things and saying, "awww, baby." 

 Yep, Little gummy-bear Karaidos is due Sept, 3 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am just about 9 weeks and I wanted to wait another week to let the world know, but I just couldn't!

We are so very excited to add a third to the family! Nevaeh was so sure there were two in there as well. A part of me wanted twins, but then the other part was praying there wasn't!! But Nevaeh's predictions were not correct. She now is sure it's a girl, but we won't know until his/her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to try and hold out to find out, but I may cave... we shall see!