Friday, September 30, 2011

annual pumpkin patch time!

Last year, my lifegroup mama's decided to go to a pumpkin patch, and of course it became an annual thing!

BUT this year we are going TWICE! Who's excited (if you can't tell, I am!)

This is our first trip...

date night

I got to thinking about date night last night.

There aren't many date nights around here during the school season, and even if there were, we can never figure out what to do. Jason and I have VERY different thoughts on fun.

For example: I love to go to the river walk down town; Jason hates walking. Jason loves to sit and relax while playing video games, I tell him that's not a date. He goes to say, "Well, we just need to get another controller..." Yup, fun times!

While I was thinking, I thought that all we really do is what I like to do on our dates. Then I felt really selfish. We do go down town once in a while, we go to the mall (I like window shopping), and we go to the hardware store (it's our thing lately).

But what if I just got someone to watch the kids and all we did was order take out, come home and just be home without kids. I know, for a woman, not so romantic, but I want Jason to HAVE FUN too.

I really do just think about myself when it comes to date night. I want to get out of the little, suffocating, house. I want, I want , I want. What does Jason want? What do our husbands want?

Just some things that were on my mind lately. What do you think?

Ok, a post, isn't a post without some pics. So here are some random pictures of our crazy life.

Haven't had a bath picture in a while...

 This is what I find most days.

 The internet doesn't do this picture justice, those blue eyes are intense here!

 more big blue eyes!

 fun park times.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mama projects

Hello ladies (and the rare gentleman)!

I haven't had a whole lot of time to start my DIY projects I want to do. But these are my Mama projects I have been working on. And some I am going to start.... enjoy!

Part 1: what i have done
Last post I showed you all a picture of my gorgeous farmers market flowers, I thought they was so beautiful that I had to make a table "runner" for them. This was so easy, and it adds to our large table! Ignore the bad lighting. 

I also have been busy designing the new 2011-2012 girls basketball t-shirts. Here they are, on a black shirt then on a white...

I have gotten into this new thing.... the crock pot. With Jason being gone at nights, and supper time being the whiniest time of the day, it's so nice to just put things in a enormous bowl and let it do the work! 

 A lifegroup friend just became a mom a month ago, and her sister (a very intelligent woman in my book) gave her a huge book of crockpot recipes. I have stolen many, and once I try them, I will share.... 
oh yeah!

Part 2: what i am starting
Now, I know what I want to start working on... and I plan on starting these mama projects, but the key word is PLAN! 

This I saw on Pinterest (by they way, some of my mama friends just introduced pinterest and I, and I think its going to be a great relationship), and I thought they were too adorable to just pass up. This is the link to these adorable little creations:

I will, 100%, start this mama project this weekend... can you tell what it is? Here's a story for you... my 8 month old son, Gray, fell down our wooden basement steps yesterday. He is fine, just a bump and bruise and a trip to the ER.
 I know, not that great of a story, but now we are putting in this half door. Right now it's ugly, but I plan on sprucing it up with some fun colors and chalkboard paint! Just wait and see!

Yes, this is STILL in my mama projects list, but this is our front door. It will be painted, I just don't know when. 

I hope you enjoy all these as much as I have and will! Happy projects to you all!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Up and Running!!

We are finally up and running! My laptop is back home and now I can update with pictures!

Also, I have decided that I am going to put my bottom into gear to start making a portfolio of graduation party and wedding invitation designs to hand out. It's a drawn out process and will take a while, but I'm going to do it!

So here are some pictures of Beaverdale Fall Fest. Enjoy and talk to you soon!

Pony ride

 Sorry they are blurry, they are from my phone.

 Waiting for the parade to start.

 Elephant ride. Not going to lie, I was pretty darn nervous for her to ride this alone, but I didn't want to spend more money for me to ride as well. But she did wonderfully! And was very observant while flying, because after she was done, she wanted to ride the dragons which weren't in sight at her height. 

some non-fall fest pictures. I walked in on him doing this.... thought it was time to lower the crib. 

 At cousin lukes birthday, we couldn't find Nevaeh and this is where we found her, not stuck, just climbing on her own...

 and last, flowers from the farmers market... gorgeous! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

miss you all!

I have been wanting to update our blog so bad. So many pictures and videos!

To fix my computer, it would be half of what it would cost to get a new one. So, we are hoping to get a new one soon, and I mean soon! I can't download pictures onto Jason's work computer, but I am missing sharing with everyone what's going on!

So here is a top ten list of what's been going on:

10....  Nevaeh colored her very first picture by herself and stayed in the lines pretty darn well! She hasn't really like coloring until now.
09....  Gray now says "dada", "nana", "baba", "mama", "dakadaka"
08....  Gray has been on this kick where me putting him down onsets this screaming fest that is driving me nuts! I did ask God for a cuddler, and I guess I got one.
07....  Nevaeh loves to sing her bible songs and sings them anywhere!
06....  They both love to be with each other. Gray watches and laughs with, and at her all the time!
05....  I made a cute table square/runner thing. Its adorable if I say so myself.
01....  GRAY IS CRAWLING! and pulling himself up. He started pushing himself across the floor about a month ago, but now he's actually crawling.

This month, my wonderful momma friends and I are going to a pumpkin patch at the end of the month and I am sooo excited. I love the feeling of fall, I think its slowly becoming my favorite season.

I hope all has been well with the end of summer for everyone. Enjoy the last nice weather we have!

Stick with me and my technology problems! Will be up and running soon I hope.