Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Since putting our old home on the market,  I have really been praying for God to show me my weaknesses, to help me with them, and to soften and mold my heart.

Although it was a joyous time, it was very stressful as well. My weaknesses really crept up and took control. Things like my temper and impatience.

Let's just say, my heart is mush for God to mold however now. I love this feeling of vulnerability to God. Acting so strong is very tiring.

But in all this, I have been focusing on what my husband could do better. Not what he's already great at. Yes, I am supposed to respectfully and lovingly talk to him, to let him know what I see going on. I am not supposed to brood on them though, and that has been my downfall.

Today I was praying for Jason and I thought of this:

Encourage his strengths;
Pray for his weaknesses.

 Deut. 1:38 says, "But your assistant, Joshua son of Nun, will enter it (the land flowing of milk and honey). Encourage him because he will lead Israel to inherit it."

That's such a great picture of what Jason is to our home. He leads our home. He is the head of this household just as Joshua would be head of Israel.

Joshua would lead God's people back to the promised land. His strength was leadership, just like Moses. Moses was now to encourage him in this.

Jason leads this family, and I am to encourage him. Our husbands strength is leadership, at least leadership in the family, and we, as wives, are to encourage this and many other strengths they have.

I can bring up things that bother me to Jason, but I truly need to think about it first. Does it bother me because that's not how I see Jason leading the family, or does it bother me because it's not biblical and I need to reveal this to him.

I will leave you with this:

Proverbs 19:13
A foolish child is a calamity to a father;
    a quarrelsome wife is as annoying as constant dripping.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random fun-ness

It has been such a busy couple weeks. I am amazed at how busy life gets when school starts back up.

We are adjusting to life without much of daddy around. There have been tears, from everyone (except Jason), laughter, bad attitudes, prayer, good attitudes, rejoicing, and some more tears.

I have started taking my kids separately, holding them, and praying with them 3 times a day. Once in the morning, at lunch time, and after nap/quiet time. It has really helped soften their hearts and connect with me. It's me, my child and God; a wonderful combination!

Here is some random fun-ness that has been going on:

My kids just don't like normal. They don't have fun just drawing on the sidewalk at all. It has to be something completely different for them to enjoy! 

 I try and do one craft a week. Last week was an egg carton caterpillar!


 This last weekend we had some great speakers come into town. Josh and Sean Mcdowell. A father, son duo who know how to tell it to you straight about living for God. It was such a convicting and emotional weekend. But so good! 

Friday night was the Phil Wickham concert. I was so excited for this all week and the kids did great! I really dropped the ball on this one... no pictures at the concert! Can you believe that I didn't take pics at the concert?!?! I'm ridiculous! But here are a couple of our family date at Jethro's before Phil. 

Not a good picture of gray at all!

Hanging around Drake before the concert. 

Then a week ago was the Beaverdale fall fest. I love the Fall Fest. Its one of my favorite things to do in this season. There was a parade Saturday morning and we got so much candy that it almost broke one bag. YES, I said ONE bag. We had multiple.  

Too loud Nevaeh?

 Gray has two levels. Super, Super excited or really, really sad. When he's super, super excited, he screams. He screamed the whole parade.   :D

This weekend is Illumifest and I guess it's the equivalent of Beaverdale Fall Fest for West Des Moines. I'm excited to go this weekend with some friends! Although, nothing can top the Fall Fest!!!!!  
*serious face* 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sneak peek

The dollar store.

The. Best. Store. EVER!

I want to do a little decor outside for the fall but we have a limited budget. So off to the dollar store my family went. Except for the mums I'm going to get, everything else was from there.

Here are couple sneak peaks. I really hope it all turns out.

This 3-tier wreath would have cost at least 30$. I made it for 10$, if that. 

 Thanks Carrie for these hydrangeas! I hope they last for another 4 weeks!   ;) 

I can't wait to do the rest and buy the mums. FYI: walmart has mums on sale for 2.47$! 

I'm really excited for Christmas already too. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3rd annual pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch. That's what we call it. It's actually Center Grove Apple Orchard, but who cares about logistics.

For three autumns we have gone to the pumpkin patch as a group. We as in my life group ladies and their kids. It's so much fun. It's crazy to see pictures from the first year till now. Unfortunately, we did not get a group shot and we only had 3 families there.

But have no fear!!!! We usually go twice, to two different patches. So maybe, more families will come and we can get a good one!

So here are TONS of pictures of our wonderful time. My mom was able to tag along and that made it even more fun.

First year

 Second year

 Third year! Levi and Caleb are the two boys next to the standing boy (ben) in the second year photo. Look how they have grown! 

That's Nevaeh waaaaayyy down there.

Friday, September 7, 2012

project fails and exciting firsts

So Nevaeh doesn't experience as many firsts anymore. Growing up does that.

But Wednesday night she had Awanas for the first time. She didn't want to go at first, but wanted to stay home with daddy since we don't see as much. Her tune was a different story once we got there. She even asked me when I was leaving.

I loved seeing her there. She was in her element. School is one of her favorite things and everyday she wants to do school. She takes after her mama in that aspect. She soaks up everything she can.

She told me a little while into the "school" time, she asked me to leave. HAHA! Miss Independent. I don't mind, though, but I don't always give her want she wants. So I stayed for a little longer. Then I went upstairs for little bit and was able to have a wonderful chat with my good friend and sister (in-Christ) Jessica White.

Nevaeh did wonderful and we can not wait to go next week.

Project fail!

So, I try different things through out the week. Whether ideas from pinterest or projects with the kids. Well, both were total fails this week. 

Paper mache fail. The kids DID NOT like it. Gray hates getting messy (except when he's eating) and Nevaeh just wasn't interested. So we made this huge mess, only to clean it up 2 minutes later. Well, I still have to wash the tarp 2 days later. 

 These are carrot chips. They actually would have turned out fine, but I added WAY too much olive oil and WAY, WAY too much salt. I will try these next time and adjust my sprinkling a little.