Friday, October 30, 2009

First Hallween

Well hello! It has been a while.

There hasn't been huge adventures since the last. We did have a infected toe that doubled in size (about as big as my thumb) and had puss oozing out. She had to have antibiotics, but now she is good and her toe looks like it went through a war. It's kinda gross to look at!

She is talking all the time and has yelling matches. She does a short, but very fierce ;) "eee" sound, and we do it back. She gets louder and louder, its quite laughable. 

And today was her first Halloween! My family has a tradition of sloppy joes every Halloween, so we just bought her a pumpkin shirt and passed out candy. She tried to eat her first Halloween candy, but we got to her first. Maybe next year! 

Have a wonderful month and we will see you a couple days after Thanksgiving! Oh, one super de-duper thing, in 5 more days, she will be 9 months!!! CRA-AZY! 

Does she look like a boy??

Monday, October 12, 2009

She said MaMa!!

Howdy y'all!

It worked! The picture isn't all that great because it's from my phone, but it's still cute none the less!!  Enjoy......

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't eat yellow snow!

Well, who knew that Iowa would really bring us snow this early in the year (am I really underestimating Iowa's weather?!)? 

But, alas, it came and went quicker than you could even say, "It's snowing!" 

Although it was gone within minutes, we did bundle Nevaeh from her head to her toes and took her outside for her FIRST snowfall.... as little as it was. She didn't know what to do. It was bright, cold and well, cold again, but she did do what every kid does. She ate it! As she examined it, it slowly went to her mouth.(Note: we did make sure it wasn't yellow, or any other color, so don't worry.) I think she will come to appreciate it as much as her mommy!  :)

She is, also, battling her very first full out cold. Her nose is running so much, but isn't coughing or running a temperature. The amazing part... she is still her happy self. I don't think anything can get this girl down! I think I need to learn a little something from her...

Other than that, all is well. We are waiting for our house to sell, trying to stick to a budget and saving for a down payment. For Jason, football is almost done, but basketball is right around thecorner. I'm not going to lie, half of me is excited to take her basketball games, but the other half isn't because now I'm not going to be able just sit and watch the game. I have to get over the latter half though :). 

We hope you are getting excited for snow! 
God Bless to all,
We love you!

This is what I found after I finished cooking dinner. She is so adorable!
YAYAYAYA snow!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

this is GROSS!

I had to share this. I was in the kitchen and Nevaeh had the biggest blow-out there could ever have been. The poop just seeped right out the top of her diaper and this is what happened.... ... .. .

Yes, yes, this is poop... NASTY!

And, please do not worry, I called the doctor and he said there is nothing to worry about. Thank goodness because she put it in her mouth like it was pudding!


Hmm... where to start? She will be 8 months in 3 days!!!! Wow... I can't believe how the time has flown. It's crazy!

She is just growing so fast, right now she is looking into a mirror at me (I'm behind her) and laughing. It's so cute!

Now she thinks she can walk, so she lets go of the bars, the chair or whatever and makes a break for it. She doesn't get to far, as her feet don't really know what to do yet but she tries. It is quite funny to watch, and if I could upload video, I would but it won't upload! 

In the meantime, she has finally figured out how to get everywhere and anywhere by crawling. We're teaching her not to get into things and it's so amazing how much they actually understand at 8 months. They are just incredible little people, it's so fascinating. 

She has such an individual personality. She is the happiest baby, even when she's tired, she still smiles. The only time she cries is when I'm putting her down to nap and she whines when she's hungry, other than that she is smiling. She enjoys sitting on my lap reading books, and doesn't like to be ignored for too long. She loves Peanut (our dog) and has a temper (I think it's the Irish in her :)  ). 

Jason and I are just so amazed at her, and we are doing great! Jason is such a good husband and matches me perfectly. When I'm stressed, he knows how to calm me down. We just put our house on the market, and are praying that we can buy a house big enough to be able to grow in. We're saving for a good down payment and, right now are about half way there, and hopefully we can there before next spring. God only knows though. 

Enjoy the pictures, we love you all!

this is her "jail cell"

cute naked baby!

bath time pictures; the water has a neat affect

this is tiger, she loves him!