Friday, February 19, 2010

It's snowing at this exact moment!!!

Yes, It is snowing at this exact moment! Yesterday it was somewhat normal to go outside, but today is bringing 2 more inches with it, after an already record breaking winter! Can you believe we have 6 (or 5?) more weeks of winter?! I use to adore snow, going on snow prayer walks, making snowmen, sledding... I loved it! Now that I have a child, nope, I just want to go outside! I want to roll around in the grass and pick flowers and take walks and..... oh dreams, they are just dreams right now! 

Although we are trapped inside going nuts, we are trying to be creative to keep busy. With this age though, its very limited and they get bored very easily! 

Nevaeh is learning so much from animal sounds to words to running. Yes, she is running now, and I still work out every single day! Just call me....... a mom with God's strength! :) I would say super mom, but I am far from it and my attitude, most days, is definitely not that of a super mom, even with God's strength. And I'm working on that, my attitude and patience has been a challenging thing this past winter and I know it will continue to be for me! 

Here are some funtimes we've had in the last week or so! I tried to upload a video but with this new format, I'm not sure how.

She has started to try everything on! This is my winter hat I got in Alaska! She's tried on her daddy's slippers, my shoes and even my huge mittens!
Watching some Go Diego Go! I know, tv, shame on me, but it got them to settle down a little. 

I made a tent with our couch and chairs! It was fun, though they didn't play for very long, it was good for them to explore and crawl.

Just a goofy smile for mama!

We drew pictures with some chocolate pudding and whip cream. Needless to say, the drawings turned out to be on her face!!

Nevaeh randomly took the dogs legs and start shaking them. She did it for almost 5 minutes and she laughed and laughed. Peanut (our dog) was so patient and kind. She just sat there and let Nevaeh ruin her nap!