Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th 2011 photo frenzie!

Ok, prepare yourself for the most fun 4th of July ever... and a lot of photos!

This year was soo much fun with both Nevaeh and Grayson. Nevaeh is at the perfect age where the parade isn't boring and EVERYTHING is really neat. Plus, she loved getting the candy too! She filled her little backpack full of it and I'm thinking we will have it until next year. The parade was actually pretty fun this year. The past couple of years the Urbandale parade has been a bit of a disappointment, with little candy and boring floats. But they seemed to knock it up a notch and it wasn't too bad.

Fun memory: I told Nevaeh we were celebrating the United State's birthday and she immediately starting singing happy birthday to the U.S. So cute!

Also, our church's old fashioned fun BBQ shin dig they put on every year was a lot of fun too. Jason won the homerun durby, nevaeh won a cupcake, the talent show was great and the food was delish! Unfortunately we didn't make it through to the fireworks and I wish we would have stuck it out because I heard they were great. Fireworks are my favorite part of this whole celebration!

Well, enough talking and onto the million pics! I hope you had a great 4th and please pray (or continue to do so) for our country, that it would go back to the foundations it was built upon! The founding fathers would probably be very sad at what they see today.

PS- we have soo much more to share, from another trip to the zoo to fun videos of each wonderful child of mine! but since there are so many photos from the fourth, I won't torture you too much... they will come soon though!

Getting ready for the parade, look at the excitement in his eyes! 

 Eating breakfast while waiting! 

 too cute!!!!!!!!!!

 My wonderful family! Every year one of our family members (use to be my grandpa but he says he's retired from it) goes up really early and gets the same spot every year! its a little tradition of ours. Thanks to my brother, zach, for doing it this year! 

 He's such a handsome little man!

 Aunt Kenna!

 Putting candy in her backpack 

 watching the amazing people who keep giving her candy :)

 She got her own flag!

 every year toyota of des moines gives out these little footballs and every year Jason gets one. He was determined this year! so we have 3 from the past 3 years!

Aunt Kas

 At Jordan Park now for our BBQ shin dig, swinging. She has gotten really good at swinging and loves it, that is all she does now when we are outside.

 Jason in that homerun durby, look at that form! :) like i know what i'm talkin about ;)

 Showing me her tatoo

 playing with her "best friends", as she calls them.

 A shout out to Kear Rude, have you asked your hubby to make some of these for us yet?? ;) 

 Sparklers! I was a little, ok a lot, nervous for this part but she did absolutely wonderful! until.... it was time to pick up and she wanted to help and she happened to pick up the one that was just lit. she burned her thumb pretty good, but she was a trooper! I felt like a bad mom, but after talking to other moms, I didn't feel like such a failure after all. A tip to all moms who like sparklers as much as I do, put them into a cup of water RIGHT AWAY after use!

 She has been sooo snuggly with me lately! always wanting me to hold her and give her hugs and kisses! i love it! 

 My baby girl is getting so big! she will not let me call her anything but a big girl now! kinda sad, but so excited to see how God uses her as she grows! 

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