Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Friends

It's finally Friday!

Starting next week I am going to start Friday Friends, where I will ask another woman to post whatever is on her heart. It could be about a mama learning moment, something funny happened at the grocery store or even a heart to heart God moment a woman wanted to share. 

I am hoping to have one lined up for next week. 

This is meant to show that all women have a voice, and although not all are wanting to share, but they all have stories that others could learn from. Also, to give you a break from me! :)

So, until tomorrow my fellow sisters! Keep on truckin' for God! :)

PS- If you would like to be a Friday Friend, please contact me! (post a comment, or I might set up an email for just this blog) You can be fully out there, letting people know who you are or completely anonymous and any where in between. 

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