Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gray! @ 6 months

His check up started out quite interesting.  This is the order that it went in,

1. pooped as we were weighing him (on the lay down one)
2. pee'd all over the patient table in our room.
3. then pee'd some more. When I thought he was done, I took the yucky diaper off of him to check and he started up and pee'd all over his face! oh, goodness.... the only other times he has pee'd outside the diaper is in the bath tub and on our friends, the Hellenga's couch.

Other than that, he is still healthy, just a sensitive little man. He still has the acid reflux so we still need to be on the prevacid.

We are also going to continue his special formula until a couple weeks before his 9 month check up. I am going to give him a bottle of similac sensitive formula and see how he does. If he reacts the same or normal, then continue to gradually add more bottles of similac sensitive, but if not then we are staying on the expensive stuff. And he might be lactose intolerant, I believe anyways.

Some fun facts:
~ no teeth yet, but drools an amazing amount
~ giggles when you talk in a low voice
~ loves water and swimming!
~ so close to getting up on his back legs for crawling
~ absolutely loves prunes, doesn't like bananas
~ talks with his sister and adores her
~ stares at you and your food if you eat in front of him

His stats:
Height: 26", 50% but his head wasn't directly up against the edge, so I think that is even a little high.
Weight: 16.2 lbs, 45% so he has not gained as much weight as he's supposed to. He was %50 for his 4th,    but 5% is not anything to worry about the doc said.
Head: 75%, still big.

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  1. Hey! Thank you so much for the tip on the carrots. I don't think I would have know that. I didn't know how else to write back to you on here :)