Friday, June 24, 2011


Summer is here but we haven't had many nice days. With clouds, tornados and thunderstorms, the days have seemed extra long, longer than winter ones, because we have gotten out to enjoy nice weather. So when there are nice days, we get out and enjoy as much of the sun as we can! 

We have had a busy summer already and plan on having more busy-ness and fun! Jason has baseball games, we got a zoo pass, the ashby splash pool is less than a mile away, we got a new little pool, we love to take walks, and so many more fun summer activities! 

Summer is definitely more fun with kids, they truly enjoy going on simple adventures and doing simple things like looking for bugs. Even things like finding grass for the first time is so interesting to encounter. Kids have a completely fun view on this world and I love being apart of every moment. 

So here is some of the summer we've had so far.

Grayson's first grass experience.

 His first swing experience.

 Nevaeh climbing up all by herself! Her legs aren't long enough to just step up, so she kinda uses her knee then gets her leg up.... anyways, she has found a clever way to climb up by herself. 

 I think just getting dirty is her favorite thing, doesn't matter how she does it. 

She loved the otters and kept saying, "look mommy, look mommy, look mommy."

 With Nana in the egg.

I didn't get a pic of this because it was too crowded, but she got to feed the giraffe! She shouted, "mommy, she has a long tongue, a really long tongue!" making everyone laugh. 

 This is Nevaeh Dinosaur 

 Bath time fun!

I didn't think I would every say this, but with Grayson I enjoy changing diapers. He laughs and giggles during changing his diaper changing and here is video of his cuteness!!! 

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