Saturday, July 30, 2011

so sorry!

So I had planned a great friend and post yesterday, but she got sick the first week her husband came home from afghanistan. Sadness! This was something she did not expect to happen for her first week with her husband in a year!

So her story will be coming soon I hope! Please stay posted for the next couple of fridays.

Yesterday, was paint selection day! We have our paint colors chosen for bathroom and kitchen, now I just need to prep the bath and my grandpa is helping with the kitchen.

And for my next sewing project, a dress from Nevaeh! So I'm hoping to get pictures up soon!

There aren't really any fun pictures of the kiddos, I've been slacking on getting them onto the comp. or even taking them.  For that I am sorry also! :)

So I'm hoping this next weekend will be a much better week with some fun pictures!

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