Wednesday, July 27, 2011

projects :)

Jason and I have decided to try and refinance and get an appraisal.

But with appraisals comes fixing up of the house. I need to paint, plaster, organize, yard work, touch up, finish, and clean.

It's a hefty list, but hopefully it will help with the one man that gets to come in and decide how much our house is worth. Ok, I know more is invoveld... but still.

Here is what I need to do so far:

1. finish the kitchen, which includes: plastering, adding footboards to the lower cabinets, and paint. I don't know how much paint, but I'm thinking a lot.
2. Paint the bathroom from this BRIGHT yellow (my sisters choice when they lived here) to a soft green
3. clear out the garage, and I mean clear. It's a jumbled mess right now.
4. fix 2 doors, one includes a simple screwing the hinge back on and the other finding a new handle. Also, paint the front door. I'm thinking a pretty rich yellow, not bright but rich... to go with our deep green shutters. (thoughts???)
5. weed like a mad woman
6. and other little touch ups here and there.
    oh and CLEAN!!!! every nook and cranny I can find.

But I love doing small things to the house that make it look nicer. things like painting the door I have wanted to do for a while now, and getting the kitchen done will feel like a weight off the shoulders.

So, here I go and I will keep you posted.

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