Monday, November 5, 2012

family wall

With a really low budget, I had to get creative and crafty. Even cheap wood frames 50% off at Hobby Lobby were too expensive for me.

I painted the hallway blue just for this very purpose, to have white frames and white decor against it. I spray painted a couple wall decors we had on hand and used ribbon I have had for a couple years. By the way, never buy the 1$ spray paint from wally world. It definitely pays more to spend more in that area.

I bought foam board from and cut shapes that I wanted. They come in gigantic pieces so  I was able to use one foam board for all these frames. I sanded down and mode-podged the edges and modge-podged the photo onto the board.

So, slowly but surely things are getting put up on our walls and it's feeling more and more like a home!

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