Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall activities

Well, Fall is almost gone. I don't specifically know the first day of winter but I'm sure almost a month to Christmas, I can say Fall is close to ending.

I haven't done as many craft things with 2 kids this year. Gray doesn't sit very long and Nevaeh could sit for hours doing one thing... but with me beside her. She loves to do things with me, but with Gray running around and into things, I can't sit as long as she would like.

These couple ideas I thought of while at the 'dollar store'. I go there to find inspiration, if you will, for activities. For a buck, it seems worth it to get some art done, keeping attention, and for just plain fun!

Making leaf turkeys. I bought a pack of leaves (usually we would use real leaves, but these don't crumble after drying) and they glued them and we decorated!

 They also had a HUGE pack of foam leaf stickers. I drew a tree and they stickered! Have I told you how much they love stickers??

 Eventually, making a mess and playing with them was a lot more fun.

One activity they like doing is looking out the window. We have a couple squirrels nests and so we have a lot of squirrels rummaging our backyard.

Once I was sitting against the tree and and squirrel came down right next to me. I mean it could literally reach out and touch me... that's a whole other story though. Let's just say I was inside before I could say squirrel. 

Anywho's....Window clings! This was a great fun for both of them!! If the clings accidentally tore, I just told the kids to put it back together like a puzzle. So, within minutes  ;)  , they had puzzle window clings! 

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