Monday, November 26, 2012

A day of Christmas FUN!

Oh goodness, the second most favorite day, next to Christmas Eve/Day, is the day getting the house decorated for it!

I LOVE Christmas and celebrating Jesus' birth with my kids. It truly brings my heart great joy and a smile plastered on my face.

I like to do an entire day event, with little activities through out the day. Have I said this before... I love Christmas!!!

Here are some pics of our wonderful day!

Making some Christmas art

 Then making some cookies!

 And frosting them...

 and of course, eating them!

 Then comes listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas album.... above all, my favorite.... and decorating the Christmas trees!

 This was my favorite part... last year I bought a mini tree for our table decor and this year they decorated their own little tree! We didn't have to be on top of them in fear of dropping and breaking (the mini ornaments were plastic) so they had fun doing it themselves. This will be a fun activity when we get bored, redecorating the tree! 

 And look at that master piece! 

 Today we did puff paint and made snow man art/decorations. The puff paint recipe is here: puff paint

 And of course, some snow man decorations!!

 Last but not least, our trees!! We tried them in a line this year because we had more room, and they are more out of the way for running in circles. I love them! 

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