Monday, November 12, 2012

sensory overload


Pinterest, how I adore thee. 

I have so many great kid activities on Pinterest that I figured I should start to actually do some of them! 

I found a blog called Play Create Explore with over a 100 ideas for kids to do. Click here to explore all the wonderful hands on fun! 

That is where I found this fabulous activity. 

Pretend baking with REAL food! It actually was such a blast! The mess, also, wasn't that bad at all. Easy peezy lemon squeeze-y. 

As you all know, I love to bake and I love to have my kids join in on the enjoyable experience of baking. So this was such an excellent way for them to really get involved with the utensils and ingredients! 

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Cookin' kid style!
set up:

 With Gray's I didn't give him water but just dry ingredients. 

 I gave Nevaeh a little water and she made cookies! We even put them in the oven (off of course).

They had so much fun and enjoyed themselves for a half our at least. The mess, again, was not that bad. The biggest thing was the dishes that needed to be done and next time, I will get them to help with those as well!

Here are a couple tips: with younger kids than 18months do just dry pasta big or beans. No powder, also you will need to supervise a lot more with younger kids.

Older kids can do this on their own and even at the counter at some point. She did such a good job that I'm going to try and give Nevaeh exact amounts of ingredients and have her actually make cookies.

 We also played in a sensory bin today! I didn't realize rocks could be so entertaining, but they played for an hour waiting for daddy to get home. It was bliss! 

A great soup recipe coming soon. Jason, who doesn't like anything without meat, said it's pretty darn good! That's a keeper for sure.

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