Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pumpkin fun

Almost 3 weeks after Halloween, we still had those little pumpkins from the YMCA party. I thought, what should we do with them? I didn't want to throw perfectly good, not rotten pumpkins away. 

So we had a little fun with them for a couple days before getting rid of them. Well, actually, I think they are still on our porch! Ha!

Pumpkin bowling
They had a little too much fun throwing the pumpkins so I thought, lets contain that excitement and aim it at a certain object, not randomly while hitting each other. This was a hit and a blast!

 I know many of you paint your pumpkins for the actual holiday, but they were already decorated, so why not? It was so cold the next couple day that the paint chipped off by itself leaving a chipped paint mess on our porch. Tip: bring them inside, or throw them out. 

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