Monday, December 3, 2012

Date night

I love dates with my husband. We usually go on day dates instead of date nights. Who knows why, but that's just how it happens. I think it may be one of my favorite things to do... dates with Jason.

But I think I know someone who may just love it more than me. Yes, I let Jason take one other person out on dates, and she gets ecstatic every single time daddy asks her to go on a date. She giggles sheepishly, and dawns a huge smile before saying yes, but she always says yes. 

It doesn't happen very often, these dates, but this time Jason was able to take this very special lady to Disney On Ice so it was extra exciting. 

At the same time, the Science was having FREE admission for one night only to kick off their holiday fun. I was able to take a dashing boy to this festive night, and boy, did we have fun!!

Nevaeh and Gray had a blast that night, going on dates with us. It's such a special time when we get to do something like this. 

And to my brother, thank you so much for the tickets. Nevaeh had so much fun!

I am so glad they got to go together! 

 had some free treats

 made some free ornaments

 All Gray wanted to do was spend time in the animal exhibit. 

Thanks for the tickets uncle Zach!!

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