Friday, June 1, 2012

movin' on up...!


Where to start!?

How about a timeline of everything? Ok, here it goes!

March 1: Put house on market
March 5: first showing!
March 7: starting to sweat a little.....
March 8-9: got our first offer!!! :)
March 10-11: accepted the offer!
April: 26: move into rental house
April 30: close the sell our house!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 21: close on our new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (notice the many more exclamation points.)
May26: move in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( again, much more exclamation points!)

All within 3 months (which is the average time before someone gets an offer) we have moved into our new home.

God was guiding it all.

For example; we had an issue with our credit that wasn't allowing us to move forward with a pre-qualification letter. Randomly, the day we truly needed it (or the sellers were going to walk) we got it through and our credit changed. Well, not randomly... point to the one above!

Also, because of all the credit problems, we couldn't close on the buy of a new home for a month after the close of the sell. We had no idea where to stay, trying to find friends that would bunk us for a week at a time and we would move around. PRAISE THE LORD that didn't happen. We had some friends who willingly let us use their rental for the month it was vacant.

What. A. Blessing!

It has been an adventure and God has definitely taught me through this process, because it was not easy with kids! But more on that later.

Enough talking... onto the pictures!!

We absolutely love our new home! And every day I thank God that everything worked out.

Grays first hair cut! During all the commotion of selling, we had to cut Gray's hair. 


 Gray loves to wrestle. Every time time anyone is laying on the floor, he will walk over and plop right on top. Giggling the whole time.

 Not only has God blessed us with a new house, he has blessed us with a free swing set! 

New home pics!!!!!
Our school/toy room. I love having this room. It is so nice to be able to have a space dedicated to all things kids. 

 I was pretty excited for this find. A lot our block buster stores were going out of business. And EVERYTHING was up for grabs. These, now shelves, were once the home to dvd's on a wall.

 Our kitchen.... just wait for the transformation that will be happening in this room!

 Our family/tv room. Watchin some vegetales. This is the only tv we have, and will ever have, in our home. So we congregate mostly in this room. We also, not pictured, have a formal living. It's called formal living, but I call it a kids room extension. 

 Grays room. At some point, I will paint a ball diamond on the green wall. 

 Nevaeh's room. Thanks to all who helped painted these two rooms before we moved it!

 The view from the family room. A wonderful back yard! Almost all shaded, but enough sun to be able to enjoy it's warmth. 

 And a cute pic thrown in.... he's so handsome! 

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