Saturday, June 2, 2012


You like that? park-normous! Haha, all this moving has gone to my head.

Anywho's, a park. That's enormous!

I wanted to move somewhere with a nice park close by, but that kinda got pushed to the side. I got so excited  about the greenbelt trail being less than a block away, that all memory of a nearby park went to a far away land.

So the kids and I have been exploring the neighborhood to find parks. There are 2 within walking distant; one is in the middle of apartment complexes further away. I don't think we will go that one again any time soon. It's just knowing there are thousands of people surrounding you (literally, on all sides... in a very small area) is kinda creepy to me. That and random groups of people standing around staring at you and talking. Yep, not my cup of tea.

The next happens to be Crestview elementary school. Now, when we came across this bad boy, I was amazed! It's so awesome!

The pictures don't do it justice. And, at some point, I will post a picture of the hill that we need to trek up to even get to this park.

 Well, there are hills on all sides except towards Baskin Robins, which is not good.

Park-normous! It never ends. You go up stairs, up to another platform, through a tube, up to another platform, over a bridge, over ANOTHER bridge, down to platform, and so on. Nope, it does not end there. We had a blast. 

 Then there is still another enormous play area for older kids. Neveah was eyeing it longingly. 

 Gray just went across the bridges and back for a good 15 minutes. Across.

and back.

 And Nevaeh did everything she could. 

My brother was in town from his last ship voyage. He's in the Navy.

Him and his niece and nephew. One of Gray looking.

 One of Nevaeh looking. With my two kids, we almost always need to get 2 shots to ensure a look from each child.

 Me and my bro.

 And add Trish, his girlfriend. She is a sweet heart. 

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