Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our busy season

Oh man.....

God is good!

Most of you know that we were able to accept on offer on the house not even two weeks into putting it on the market.

What a blessing!

Now, with that blessing, comes a crazy season of life for us. Unfortunately,  our home isn't officially sold. We have to get through the inspection and other things, but I'm trusting in God. Jason Rude (our realtor) said the buyer and pretty excited about getting this house, so I'm hoping nothing stops her! :)

If/when we are kicked out on April 27, we will be jumping from place to place. We have some AMAZING friends who have said we could bunk with them for a little bit while we get things situated.

AND on top of it all, my computer is going down hill very fast. I'm very surprised it has not kicked me off after being on it for more than 3 minutes!

So, needless to say (which is a funny saying, because people always go onto to say it anyway), I will not be blogging about our fun adventures for a while! I know, I know... please don't start crying! I will try! ;)

So here are a couple things I want to leave you with.


This is the formula I used, can be adapted to any spray bottle.
20fl oz. of regular vinegar. you can used pickled vinegar but I wouldn't find it.
1/2 cup salt
a large squirt of dish soap.

This will kill everything but unless you pour major amounts on bushes or large flowers, it should be fine around them

These are pics of two different weeds in hourly order


2 hours

4 hours

somewhere around 10 hours

The next day! 

Now I will leave you with my sweet kids. 
We spend most of our time outside digging in Nevaeh's "garden". 

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  1. What a great idea for the weed killer! And super easy. Thanks Sam and good luck (good grace) with the shuffling of living spaces!