Tuesday, June 26, 2012

no-sew roman shades

I have gotten such a great response from my no-sew roman shades, and many questions about how to make them. So I decided it would be much easier to show you!

I hope this is an easy follow, the pictures aren't great because they are from my phone but the end result is cute!

What you need: Fabric.   Scissors.   Iron on fabric tape.   Tension Rods (I used 3)


Not shown: Measure your window.

You obviously need to have the width somewhat accurate, but the length does not need to be. Unless it is on a window you will be letting the curtain down to "close" the shade and you want it to cover the window completely.

I cut my fabric 2 inches larger width wise and 4 inches larger length wise.

To begin, iron a 1 inch fold on all sides.
**Ironing first helps a ton when trying to get the iron on tape to sit in the fold.**
Place the tape inside the fold and iron for about 10 seconds, or until the tape is melted to fabric. Now you have a nice edge for your shade.

Again, do this to all sides.

Now, you will need to make the tension rod sleeve. I had 2 extra inches to work with, but make sure you place the rod and then fold the fabric so you are sure the rod fits in the sleeve. 

Iron the fold down, again, to make it's easier when ironing the tape. Put the tape only on the edge of the folded piece. Not up into the fold, because that is hole for the rod. Iron down the tape. 

**Here I cut the iron tape in half to make it only 1/2 inch wide. A precaution for me so I wouldn't make a spot too closed off and the rod wouldn't fit.**

Place the other tension rods where you want them. You can move them later if it's not the desired look.

Slide the 3rd tension rod into the shade sleeve and put it up onto the window. Obviously, it has to be the top one. And the fabric has to hang BEHIND the other rods. Like so...

Now, I really hope the pictures help with this.

Pull the fabric between the top rod (the one in the sleeve) and the second rod over the second rod. 

The fabric will hang over the rod and look like a fold in a roman shade. 

This is what one fold should look like. Do the same thing between the second and third rod to have two folds of a roman shade. 

And viola! A no-sew roman shade!

If you have any questions, please ask! If you want to stop by the house and take a look, let me know.

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