Sunday, June 10, 2012

our first apple pie

One of the many great things of homeschooling, I can truly incorporate what we are learning and life. I know every aspect of her schooling (I say schooling, but it's more fun right now) so I can really purposely plan her play around her learning.

One book that we have been reading is Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie.

I loved Amelia when I was little. She was so funny to me. And is incredibly funny to Nevaeh.

Amelia and her Grandma bake an apple pie together, and if you have read any of these books, you can just imagine the fun Amelia brings to baking.

Nevaeh has asked when we are making an apple pie every, single time we open the book.

So I have been incorporating a lot of numbers and baking into our play.

But on Friday I surprised her with Granny Smith Apples. She was sooooooo excited because that's what they use in the book and she knew instantly what they meant.


The crust is ready to chill! Notice her little baking apron, she had her hat and her mitten on too. She loved it. Since Amelia was baking with Grandma, she dubbed me grandma and dubbed Jason Granddad. It was just role playing, but it still felt really weird to be called grandma. :)

Nap is over, chilling is done, now we are rolling it out. She is using her little rolling pin!

Adding the ingredients. 

 I love her.

 Checkin' things out.

And it's in the oven! Gray is guarding it. 

 And our yummy pie! It was delish! 

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