Friday, June 8, 2012

Lovin' our home

I can not say it enough.... Thank you God!!!!

I love our home so much sometimes I just smile at His indescribable gift! (2 cor. 9:15)

We are having fun in our new yards and the deck is used everyday. Getting things even more settled is a blast, but decorating has been set a side. All of this craziness the last couple months is catching up to me and I'm constantly weary and tired of all things physical.

Foe example: I started painting our entry hall a week ago and it is the same now as it was then.

Shelves and family pictures are going to wait until we get new ones in the fall and I'm focused on getting back into routines.

School routines. Food/grocery shopping routines. Cleaning routines. House maintenance routines. Every routine. And it is hard.

But besides all the stuff that still needs to get done, we are lovin' our new home!!

Here are some photos of us enjoying every aspect of summer and our home.

swing set playin'

 sprinkler fun

 My son does not seem old enough to be able use a fork. But he's a pro and won't eat unless he has one. 

 Look at that proud smile!

 Enjoying our deck. 

 One thing I actually enjoy now is cleaning. I want to take care of the home I love. 

That leads me to this wonderful mop. It is like a swiffer wet jet, but no batteries and you can add your own cleaner. It is amazing! 

It really did clean the dirt off the floor instead of moving it around. I tested it by cleaning a little area and then wiped it with a paper towel. It didn't get black residue! 

And the cleaning solution I made was pretty good. I usually would use vinegar (my go-to ingredient for anything clean) but I had a lot of Murphys oil soap for hardwood and laminate flooring. No it doesn't leave an oily residue. And yes, it's all natural, at least thats what the bottle says. I will probably go to vinegar when it's gone. 

I mixed it like the directions said then I added a couple squirts of dish soap AND JET DRY. 

Yes! the stuff you put into your dishwasher. I thought if it dries streak free on dishes, why not on the floor? and it worked! You could use rubbing alcohol too, but I didn't have any of that. 

Yay for clean floors! 

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