Sunday, December 16, 2012


Going into the nursing home and seeing some of the faces that shone after getting a hand made christmas card was just priceless.

A month ago my husband and I really wanted to start a Christmas tradition of choosing something to do for others on a larger scale. Whether it's serving, giving, or even caroling (that's not highest on the list though), we wanted to start making Christmas more than just ourselves and our circle of family and friends. Although we did this with the help of such wonderful friends! 

This year was taking Christmas cards to a nursing home, and it was such a blessing for us to do this. The kids loved handing out the cards and saying Merry Christmas and I loved seeing their eyes light up when some of the residents said thank you. 

On top of that, we made cookies to hand out to neighbors and the basketball team! Yes, the entire freshman, JV, varsity team. It has been such an enjoyable month of giving and learning. 

Making the cards!!

 Our Christmas baggies for the basketball players.

 Sorry these are so bad, phone pics aren't great. Passing out the treats! 

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