Thursday, December 27, 2012

A homemade gift

Oh, it has been so long since my hands did a little sewing project! It felt so good to haul out the sewing machine and work on a little project for Gray. Though, it did take me a good month to motivate myself. I have to be in the right kinda mood to haul that heavy dead weight of a machine out.

Grayson, like any boy, loves cars. And you know what that means for Christmas, TONS of cars and trucks! I think Gray is experiencing a little slice of heaven right now with all the wonderful gifts he received.

Also, we are somewhat of a busy family. Jason is head coach of a basketball team, so that means games twice a week. I try to take our kids to every game I can, not only to support their daddy, but to get them use to that kind of atmosphere. Jason takes them to practice sometimes, on top of me taking them to practice to visit daddy. Weeks get loooong and gruesome if we don't get to see the most special man in their lives.

That being said, we have an on-the-go backpack full of activities to keep them occupied. Nick-nacks from stickers, to clothes pins and even the IPAD (that thing is wonderful at basketball games!).

So I made this adorable little car caddy for Grayson. Now he can enjoy his cars anywhere!

This is the simplest version of a car caddy you can find. I didn't want to do all kinds of frills, mainly because Grayson is kinda destructive with things. Not meaning to be of course, but I think it's a boy thing. 
So, anywho's, I took some felt and made this bad boy. I put pockets below for the cars and the felt pieces. The roads and homes can also be packed away and are not sewed straight on. I like my kids to have an imagination and make their own road ways. 

 a pocket for the car.

 Felt fun!!

 There they are, all nice and snug, ready to be played with. 

Just fold in half, roll up, and there's your car caddy!

 How fun!!! 

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