Friday, October 5, 2012

Kids in motion

Are kids any other way but in motion?

Well, for my kids, only if watching a fun movie, are they sitting still. Even then, they have to dance to every song, fly with the birds, or climb ladders with Dora. They are almost always in motion.

That's how last night was when we went to play in the leaves. I have been using my phone camera because my sister has our actual camera for a photography class. My phone camera doesn't not capture motion well, so I always have what I call 'kids in motion' pictures.

You'll see what I mean....

They sure do love each other! So sweet.

 Look, I kinda got one!

 Another still one?? 

 But not for long! 

 Process of throwing leaves in the air.

 I could not get them to sit still for a shot in the leaves! Until we came inside for some hot chocolate, but then their faces weren't out of their cups until every last drop was gone (then they were out of their chair running around again!)! 

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