Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Couple treats

So one of Jason's uncles kindly gave us a new food mandolin. I can't tell you how excited I was about this new kitchen toy!

I have been wanting a mandolin to make home made potato chips, apple chips, any other kinda chips I can think of.

Oh! Sweet potato chips!

So anyways, I made some apple chips this week. I ruined this batch, badly. Each one of the recipes I read said to keep the apple slices in until golden brown and hard.

The slices NEVER got hard for me. NEVER. I kept them in for 4 hours, but I eventually took them out and they hardened on their own.


By the time I did this, they were burnt. Not noticeably burnt by the look, but tasted it.  None of the recipes mentioned this.

So, the slices will feel rubbery after 2 hours, and just a tad darker than they were when you sliced, this is when you take them out and let them harden on their own.

First, make a mess having fun with your new mandolin, slicing apples. You can also use a knife to slice them really thin. Just be careful not to cut yourself!

Sprinkle slices with sugar/cinnamon mixture.

 Voila, apple chips. They are darker than they should be.

Now, onto my favorite of the two. 
Home-made Oreos!

These taste, surprisingly, like the real thing. 

A few notes, use butter. Butter is always better for baking. Margarin is too soft, for this cookie, and will make a softer cookie. I personally like the harder version. 

A friend of mine and I had a baking night and we made these. She had margarin, which made the cookies taste just fine, they were softer though.

Find the recipe at oreo cookie


I have decided this will be the cookie I make for my Christmas platter I give to friend, neighbors, and family. I'm going to play with a minty frosting! So excited! Or even the candy cane frosting I saw. 

PS: these were gone in 2 days. All gone. Sad.

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