Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family pics

This year we had to cancel our professional pictures because financially we couldn't do it.

At first, I was so sad. We haven't had family pics in a year and half and I was looking forward to them.

But then I thought, aw well. Our family changes all the time; whether the kids look a little older, or we have another one. Family pictures don't make or break us a family. So I was ok with it, but I still wanted to have something to put up on our walls.

So I took some pics of the kids then I had my dad take some of us as a family.

With the actual shoot we were going to do them in front of our house like we did here. We absolutely love our home still and thank God every day for it!

So, here are our 'make shift' family photos, but I think they turned out pretty good!

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