Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get movin'!!!

We have been so lucky here in Des moines. 

So lucky!

Why? Well, if you live here, I think you know why. It is almost the middle of January and we just had a 60 degree day! Wooooo Hoooooo!!! 

It seems, though, that on every nice day (or week!!!  :D  ) my kids gets sick and we can't go out and play. So I have had to become quite the inventor with indoor "get-moving" activities. 

This is what I have come up with. The pictures are not great- phone pictures you see- but they do prove that my kids are moving! 

I have a yoga mat that has not been used in forever! I am not a yoga-er (not that kind of quiet spirit). But my kids loved it! In these pictures, Nevaeh is running as fast as she can across it. We did the bear crawl, summer-saults and skipping. It was a good way to act crazy in a small area without Nevaeh falling on her face and getting hurt. Grayson just wanted to lift it up and crawl under. 

 Hop scotch! You can use a lot of different things to do this. Get pieces of card board and tape them to a sheet, or the floor. You can even just draw right on the sheet of you can. Get creative!

-----We also turn music on everyday after lunch and dance before bed.
-----We play catch. Gray can do this with us now, so fun!
-----I brought their mini rock-wall/slide and swing inside.
-----I have created an obstacle course through out the house. Climbing over chairs, under them. Running around the toys, etc. 
-----We do jumping jacks and kicks and push-ups. Yes, yes we do! It was her idea by the way.
-----I have Nevaeh go up and down the stairs trying to find stuff for me. I know, it sounds mean, but she has to get rid of some of that energy! (I don't make her just do it over and over though)

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  1. Sam you are so creative! Good work. :) My family is currently "walking" my niece while they walk the dog so that she's ready for her mid-morning nap. As you said, Gotta get that energy out somehow!