Saturday, January 21, 2012

baking the easy way

Well, actually I think it's a lot more complicated and stressful than regular baking!

This is what Nevaeh inherited today...

This is what it looked like at my age!

Can you believe this is still around! I kinda feel old ;)

Nevaeh was so excited. Off the charts excited, she's her father's daughter, loves food. But I did not realized how so much more complicated it is to bake with this than regular baking. 

Is it even real food? I was looking for an expiration date and there was none! :/

But, like I said, Nevaeh was excited. And I'm not going to lie, I was too! 

So we got everything ready. The little silver round pan, the pusher tool and those powder packs. Nevaeh decided to make the vanilla cake with pink frosting. Oh and sprinkles, can't forget the sprinkles. 

Then we started, it's takes longer than an actual cake! With 20 different directions and takes a total of 45 minutes to make one little cake! CRAZY.  

Then, well, we will just let the picture tell the rest. Oh and there's a funny story behind one of them!


 still waiting...

Ok, still waiting..... buuuut, this picture is in here because.... Jason had one when he was little too! bahahaaaa. He says that his mom just had one around and he used it... I don't believe him... he couldn't keep a straight face. Can you imagine a little jason baking with an easy bake?? Hilarious.

 Yay, it's done and decorated! Look at that beautiful little girl. 

 So this is the pic on the package.....

 epic fail!

 but it was good. That's all that matters, and the good, looong, time we had fun together. 

Well, after all the excitement, it was fun. A little ridiculous, but fun. Nevaeh is excited to bake the cookies for dessert tomorrow. I'm excited to do it with her. 

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!! 

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