Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2012!

Christmas with kids is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year.

I love watching them laugh over wrapping paper and seeing them smile ear to ear over their gift. I love playing with them and their new toys.

Most of all, I loved hearing Nevaeh talk about Jesus and God, her Abba, and the story of Christmas. She was so excited everyday to hear what our bible says and making a craft with it.

Here are some pictures of our busy, but wonderful Christmas.

Both families, Jason's and mine, live in town. So in a 24 hour period we have at least 5 Christmas's. I enjoy it, it's busy, but it's fun.

Ever since I was born, Christmas Eve is set for my grandparents. Our thing with them is stocking stuffers. Don't know what it is, or how it started, but opening the stocking stuffers is the highlight of the night. It's very smart on their part, because stocking stuffers are cheaper. ;)

Gray and great-grandpa. I am so blessed to have my grand-parents still around. They are amazing and it's so fun to see them with their great-grandchildren. They come over once a week just to play with Nevaeh and Gray and love every minute! My grandparents are amazing.

This is Christmas morning with papa, laying on his new pillow pet. Nana and Papa bought nevaeh one for her first Christmas, and its has become tradition now. 

Grandma Val's Christmas after nana and papa's Christmas. All the cousins, except Keelie, playing with Nevaeh's new doll house. 

 Our own little Christmas. 


 Look at my handsome little man! He's going to be one in 9 days!!!!

 Nevaeh's new doll. She loves it.

This is the other half to the man in the first picture. My grandma, with her great-grandchildren. 

 This is definitely one of the high lights of my days, my children laughing and playing together.

Christmas was so fun, but now I have to plan for their birthday party!!! 

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