Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zoo getaway

Nevaeh LOVES animals as much as I do. So a trip to the Omaha Zoo was definitely a to do this year. The weather was great, we had a blast and the animals were very photogenic. 

And no, I did not take so many photos that a year down the road you go to organize and you ask yourself, "did I need that many pictures of one monkey picking his nose?" What you see is about what I took!

This monkey was going crazy! 

 Baby! There were tons of baby monkeys!

 Papa Steve came with us! 

 Gray enjoyed watching his sister more than anything.

 Tapir- from Diego. Nevaeh knew a lot of the animals because they were on Diego.  

 Mama and baby. So precious!

 Ok, if Jason would let me and I had the time, I would love to get a Macaw! They are sweet and beautiful! Look at those colors.

 Hip... Hip-Hop... Hip-hop-anonymous. If you have seen the movie Big Daddy, you know what I'm talking about. And that was such a Jason moment! He always recites movie lines.

 Nevaeh's favorite animal... I think.

 I love this photo. This is Lemur who was just basking in the spotlight... literally. 


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