Friday, October 14, 2011

Just have faith

Mark 5:36
NLT "do not be afraid, just have faith."
Nasb "do not be afraid, only believe"
Message "do not listen to them, just trust me."

Mark chapter 5 tells us the the story of a young woman and a synagogue ruler. The young women was unclean for 12 years, she touched just the clothes of Jesus and she was healed. The ruler, on the other hand, just endured his daughter's death and Jesus says to him, "do not be afraid, just have faith." People were telling this man not to bother Jesus! Jesus then goes onto the house and brings the daughter back.

In this chapter, both the unclean woman and the synagogue ruler, seemed to have everything against them. The crowds, the impossible situations, the unbelief from others, their fear, but these two chose to keep their eyes on Jesus! 

Jesus reaches out to everyone. He saves all who look to Him. NO ONE will be turned away from the one who saves.

So who am I, to keep Jesus in a box and tell myself and others not to "present their requests to God" (phil 4:6) no matter how big or small? No matter how impossible they seem?

Where are my eyes, where are our eyes?
On Jesus, or the crowd holding us back?
On Jesus, or the impossible situation?
On Jesus, or our fear?

Do I unintentionally hold people back from reaching to Jesus?

The woman and the ruler had crowds, impossible situations, and fear but their FAITH surpassed it all. 

It doesn't matter how many ways it's translated, Jesus is saying the same thing to us...

Do not be afraid, just have faith.

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