Sunday, October 2, 2011

DIY weekend: YELLOW!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

I sure had a busy one. This weekend was the last yard work weekend for us, including mowing. Well, those things were Jason's job, I did my DIY mama projects.

First DIY mama project:
Before: the ugly gate. So we decided to put in our half door. I had to paint it first, of course, AND add a chalk board!

After: ignore the ugly door jams, I have to repaint those as well. It actually looks a lot better than the gate and it's so much easier than it too.

First I sanded the door.

 Then paint. PS: this is the other side, I know way put in that much work sanding down to the wood. 

The last step was to tape off the area I want to make the chalk board. Also, YES, this is brown chalk board paint. You can also make your own chalk board paint and it's super easy. Check out my pinterest to see how!

My second DIY mama project was................


I love it, and having new steps, sidewalk and driveway next year will make our house look brand new.

Also, stay tuned, because I have a couple fun kid activities to share with you! 

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