Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kid time

As I promised, a few fun kids crafts. I am all about fun things, that teach too. So, of course these are great for fun educational activities as well! 

Gone Fishin'
This is really easy to make, and you can make it as fancy as you want. I've seen some made of felt, fabric, etc. I  made these of note cards because I knew Nevaeh would just want to play with the fish, and note cards are easier to reproduce. Also, this takes a lot less time to make. 

What you need:

 Front of the fish, this is what the child sees while fishing.

 Back of fish, I added some bible verses she memorized in there to mix it up.

going fishing! 

Then you see what fish they caught! 

 Tape Letters
Tape letters are just a great way for kids to see and look at the shape and lines of a letter. You take scotch tape, or any tape that is easy to peel away, and have them help you make the shape of the letters. Then let them scribble away! The peeling of the tape after scribbling might be just for you adults because it can still rip easily. 

 "N" for Nevaeh!

Turkey tubes
I know, its a little early for these fun crafts. But I saw it on Pinterest and I couldn't resist. Just trace the litttle one's hands in different colors, glue them to the tube and make a face. So easy and a great way for kids to learn about glue and their hands. Also, great spacial activity since it's creating a layered tail! 

The pictures are small because they are from my phone. 

What is more fun in the fall then FREE LEAVES! Rake, make a pile and Enjoy!

Nana with the kiddo's at a football game. Sports has become and will grow to be a family thing since Jason coaches 3/4's of the year. So we have fun and go to as many of the games as we can! I am going to try and make some portable activities and I will share!

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