Friday, October 21, 2011

rip and sew

We haven't done a whole lot of crafts this week because the weather has been AMAZING!

I love the weather when it's too chilly for a t-shirt and but not quite cold enough for a jacket, and this week it has been just that. Ok, we've had some pretty cold mornings, but the afternoons have been great.

We have gone on walks galore before the snow arrives, and played at our local park everyday. Tonight, we are going to Daddy's football game!

But here are a couple of things we have done.

Ripped pumpkin. Nevaeh has this weird fetish with ripping things. We have to watch her and our books because she will start to rip it. So I decided to start doing these crafts to incorporate that fetish. 

 Nevaeh mermaid. This morning she wanted to make a mermaid and I had no idea what she was talking about. Jason actually came up with this idea. Cut out a pic of her, and make a tale with the ripped paper. 

 Just rip...

 ...and glue. This also helps kids with fine motor skills, ripping into smaller pieces and teaching them inside and outside the lines. 

Today was the first day WITHOUT cable, and let me tell you, it's kinda weird. I've lived with tv for 23 1/2 years and it's kinda like something is empty in our house. But I know, that will soon pass. I hope.

So, today, I made Gray a t-shirt out of one of my old Hoover shirts! It turned out great! the neck part didn't dip low enough in the front, but other than that, wow. I can't believe how well it did turn out. I'm making Nevaeh one tonight probably. 

Have a great weekend, God bless.

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