Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daddy appreciation day!

School has officially started for Jason, and coaching, well coaching never ended. 

Usually I am pretty self centered and thinking about how I feel like a single parent until spring time. I know, how selfish. 

But my eyes opened to how busy Jason really is. I see how is NEVER sits during the day, being a P.E. teacher and all. Also, how is LONG his game days are. 

Yesterday he came home and he had a bad day. I wanted to do something for him for a little while, but since he was home more last week, I couldn't be sneaky. Do you have a husband who catches onto EVERY little surprise you have for him? Well, I do! and it's annoying. 

Anywho's, so I decided today we would do something. We went on an epic adventure to the new Hy-Vee to get a few of Jason's favorite things, made some videos for him, and painted a big sign.

Then we had fun all day thinking of things to do for daddy. 

I had fun today and i think Jason was surprised for once!

Don't worry, I wrote this on after he left. 

 We needed a few notes from the kids. These are their own words. I think Gray said, "I love you". If he didn't we will just go with it. 

 A fun poster.

Some yummy food for his favorite dessert.

 The Kiddos helping me cut the fruit.

 Can you guess? Yeah, it's not that hard. 

Yay! They are both looking and smiling at the camera!

 What Jason saw when he came in. I also had a sign with my phone below that said, "watch these 3 videos we made for you." We were outside when he said this for him.
He also loves trail mix.... hint, hint, family (christmas present). 

 Daddy, the kids and his surprise. We love you Daddy!

Nevaeh and Gray's video for daddy. 

Thank you, honey, for your hard work and love! We truly appreciate what you do for us, please know that! Love, your little family. 

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