Friday, September 9, 2011

miss you all!

I have been wanting to update our blog so bad. So many pictures and videos!

To fix my computer, it would be half of what it would cost to get a new one. So, we are hoping to get a new one soon, and I mean soon! I can't download pictures onto Jason's work computer, but I am missing sharing with everyone what's going on!

So here is a top ten list of what's been going on:

10....  Nevaeh colored her very first picture by herself and stayed in the lines pretty darn well! She hasn't really like coloring until now.
09....  Gray now says "dada", "nana", "baba", "mama", "dakadaka"
08....  Gray has been on this kick where me putting him down onsets this screaming fest that is driving me nuts! I did ask God for a cuddler, and I guess I got one.
07....  Nevaeh loves to sing her bible songs and sings them anywhere!
06....  They both love to be with each other. Gray watches and laughs with, and at her all the time!
05....  I made a cute table square/runner thing. Its adorable if I say so myself.
01....  GRAY IS CRAWLING! and pulling himself up. He started pushing himself across the floor about a month ago, but now he's actually crawling.

This month, my wonderful momma friends and I are going to a pumpkin patch at the end of the month and I am sooo excited. I love the feeling of fall, I think its slowly becoming my favorite season.

I hope all has been well with the end of summer for everyone. Enjoy the last nice weather we have!

Stick with me and my technology problems! Will be up and running soon I hope.

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